Making Magic: 8 Unique Chefs Crushing It

Heard these chefs are making magic with their mad culinary skills.
Together, let’s check out their unique recipes.
Photo by Unsplash @jmuniz

Are you a foodie?

If you are a foodie then you are sure to enjoy learning about these eight chefs, and how they’re making magic with their unique flavors and styles.

Ok. So if you’re here and, maybe you’re not necessarily a foodie, no problem you don’t have to be.

Ping. A friend told me about these chefs, so I’m making magic with these new recipes. I’ll have it on my feed later for you to see. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Do you like good food? Most likely you do. Then keep reading and who knows maybe you’ll take your culinary skills to the next level.

There’s more than Pancakes Cooking in these Kitchens

After this post, you might decide to jazz up your round pancakes after all.

Tossing is optional. No sticking to the ceiling, please.

Do stick around though, it gets better.

Hello Chef, Nice to Meet You

Today, you will meet Chefs, Chefs, and a few more Chefs. From home chefs to professional chefs. Some you might have heard of, while others are new to you.

There’s a recipe for all kinds of levels that you will find delicious, so keep swiping to learn more.

OMG! These chefs are amazing. Pin to my fave foodie board; done. Tagging followers to share these recipes now. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

While here, you will find that you don’t have to always make over-the-top fancy food, but you can appreciate culinary masters who are rocking our world with their foodie skills.

And who knows, maybe you’ll find a chef that you’d like to follow and make one or two of their recipes after all.

So keep going this could be not only enjoyable but valuable and useful too.

Chefs You’d Like to Know

Below you will be introduced to some unique chefs that are making more than just pancakes happen in their kitchens.

You’ll find a magical variety of recipes both savory and sweet for your cooking pleasure.

Make a Moment for You: Come back to learn how to make these intricate lace pancakes; great for brunch.

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What!? Chefs and Recipes. I’m listening. Tell Me More. Swipe with Me. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Below are the eight unique chefs we’re highlighting today. Enjoy.

Asian Chefs

  • Chef Judy Joon changes up the Philly cheesesteak, adding a dash of this, and a dab of making magic with her beef bulgogi recipe.
  • Chef Niki Nakayama @nikinakayama makes magic with her blue crab zucchini blossoms.

Black Chefs

  • Chef Carla Hall @carlaphall has some suggestions for making magic with her weekday meal recipes.
  • Chef Tabitha Brown @tabithab shares how to make magic with her veggie side dish recipe.

Green Chefs

  • Chef Sadia Badiei of @pickuplimes shares her nutritionist food sage and magic making recipes, like this breakfast bowl
  • Chef Daniella Malfitano; D Malfi @chefdaniellamalfitano, shares her version of making magic through healthy eating recipes, like these green chile jackfruit tacos.

Latina Chefs

Chef Yevette of @muybueno shares her Mexican dishes, making magic with her BLT Waffle recipe.

  • Chef Adriann Adarme @acozykitchen gets us in the spring mood making magic with her mini carrot cake recipe.

The Wrap Up

Here’s a little something to celebrate you; foodie, friend, and all the different things you are. Photo by Secret Garden on

This, of course, does not begin to cover all the diverse chefs out there by category, but as we discover more unique chefs, be sure we will be adding them to an upcoming post for your reading enjoyment.

For now, you’ve met eight unique and interesting chefs.

Each making magic by crushing it with their culinary skills. From savory dishes to sweet dishes, there’s bound to be something you find yummy. So take action and get to making magic cooking these recipes.

Take Action

Dancing in the kitchen is encouraged. Photo by Anastasiya Gepp on

We’d love to hear which chef you resonated with most, and what recipe you are up to making your own magic with.

  • Which chef did you resonate with most?
  • What recipe are you going to make?
  • Will you decide to make a moment for you by learning how to make those intricate pancakes?

Do share your feedback here in the comments or on social media. Snap a pic or send us a line. Tag us too.

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Be well. Take care.

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Winter Wishlist: 9 Chocolate Recipes to Indulge the Foodie in You

Savoring a small bite of chocolate while whisking up the chocolate recipes below. Image via

Are you a chocolate fan?

Well, most of us are, but some more than others. Some like chocolate every now and then, whereas, some like it on a more regular basis, and some all the time.

Wait, What!? If you don’t like chocolate, do stop reading —

but wait, unless of course, someone; a friend, a colleague, a family member, a neighbor, or someone you’ve heard about that likes chocolate, then you might find this article enjoyable and useful in some way, so please stick around.

Read On. Who knows, you could see a new recipe that you might find yummy.

Did I hear someone whisper; Chocolate!?

Yes, your wish for chocolate ice cream later is on its way. Image via Unsplash.

Add Chocolate Kisses and Sprinkles

Believe it or not there are actually health benefits to chocolate, and we’ll touch on that more a bite later, oops, I mean a bit later in another post.

Instead, let’s start to sift through some delish chocolate recipes to learn more.

Yes, sprinkles and chocolate are necessary. Photo by Erlian Zakia on

Curated for you, while here, there is a little chocolate dish for everyone, from decadent recipes that require more patience in preparing, but so yummy you will want to scream or dance; or maybe even both.

There are even some easy recipes to keep your time management on point, to healthy recipes for those interested in exploring more good ways of eating chocolate.

There’s also something that’s sure to please the fussy chocolate lover in you; the one that tells you not to eat chocolate on your diet.

More on that in another post too. For now, let’s get into the nuts and cacao beans of these chocolate delights.

3 Decadent Chocolate Recipes

Wish you were here sharing these decadent chocolate dishes. Photo by nappy on

Doin a Scoop Jig

I don’t know about you, but there’s something about eating ice cream when it’s cold out that’s so much fun — weird but fun for some of us.

Go on. Get nestled in if you need to, so you can begin delving into these decadent chocolate recipes. Clear the kitchen, you’re likely to scream; Yum! Okay, maybe not scream, but you might dance a joyous jig at least.

  • How about making some decadent chocolate ice cream?
  • How about making this decadent moist chocolate fudge cake? Great paired with ice cream.
  • How about another decadent chocolate cake with caramel and toffee?

3 Easy Chocolate Recipes

Sweet! Wishing we can make these easy recipes with you too! Image via Unsplash.

Inner Foodie’s Got a Sweet Tooth

After screaming; Yum or doing a joyous jig, you’re likely to jubilantly jump when you hear there’s more chocolate calling you. Pause now and give one a whirl.

Trying some new recipes is sure to indulge your inner foodie’s sweet tooth. And hey, if you can get a little health benefit from adding some extra chocolate to help keep you warm this winter too, well, that’s worth it too.

  • How about whipping up some easy chocolate pudding?
  • How about go for making an easy chocolate cheesecake?
  • How about an easy no-bake chocolate tart?

3 Healthy Chocolate Recipes

Here’s one of your wishes granted.; these cookies made with love for you. Image via Unsplash.

Being healthy does not mean you can’t ever indulge in chocolate. It does mean that you can find better ways to add chocolate to your foodie finds along the way, to be the healthiest you.

Go on, you know you want to satisfy the foodie in you that likes to indulge in chocolate.

  • How about making some healthy double chocolate muffins?
  • How about seeing how this chef makes three different kinds of healthy chocolate chip cookies using egg substitutes?
  • How about trying some healthy mini dark chocolate cheesecakes?

It’s a Wrap

Bringing you a box of your fave chocolates. Cyber Hugs to You. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Chocolate Wishes

If you’ve managed to scroll down this far, then, sweet!

Now that you have been introduced to some scrumptious chocolate recipes, here’s to winter wishes of you pleasing the fussiest foodie in you with an indulgence or two.

Oh, and by the way, so glad you decided to stick around after all; here are some chocolate kisses to say thank you.

Since you popped by, you’ve learned about some new sweets, from decadent chocolate treats to almost no patience required, easy chocolate delights, to some reasonably healthy choices too.

Take Action

Licking the bowl is optional after making your chocolate recipe. Image via @lisnhere

Share Your Empty Chocolate Bowl

Tag and Pin us your empty chocolate bowls (before washing is best:) on this post.

Comment and reach out on social media about which chocolate recipe the foodie in you wishes to indulge in.

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Let’s get together again soon. Photo by fotografierende on

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Be Well. Take Care.

Digital Declutter: Here’s 4 Simple Steps to Start Today

You Got This. Let’s Collaborate. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Have you wondered why you’re sometimes so overwhelmed with all your daily digital doings?

Well, with all your devices, apps, pics, vids, and social media sites to keep up with, experiencing digital discord is not unusual.

Ok. It can be a lot to handle. So, you’ve got to take a deep breath and start somewhere.

Clutter is Clutter: Digital or Physical

It seems a bit easier when you can look around and see your physical clutter, like your phones, tech and kitchen gadgets, paper journals, etc.

Another declutter that you can get to when you’re ready.

Get Going

But it isn’t as easy to see your digital clutter as noticeably. At least not at first. Yet once you’re in your digital sphere, you can start to see how cluttered it is.

Begin Defining Your What

Here’s where you can begin to define; the What to you that needs to go in your digital declutter tasks.

If you’re new at this or hearing it for the first time; glad you’re here.

We can learn more together. Take a moment to begin to define What you need to declutter.

Having a digital overload moment, excuse me while I decompress. Photo by Ola Dapo on

Yes, digital declutter is a thing now.

If you don’t begin to do regular maintenance now, you may find that you will be more overwhelmed than when you first had that aha moment; “maybe I should look into digital decluttering at some point.” Today is a great day to get going on this.

Digital Declutter 101

Now that you’ve taken a moment to decompress from a possible digital overload moment, move on to discovering that digital declutter is about you simply starting.

Simply Start Somewhere

Q. What is digital declutter anyway; you might be wondering?

A. It’s delving into your digital realm to be able to organize, update, and get rid of unnecessary items.

The overall gist. Think of it like tidying up as you would with your physical items, except it’s somewhere up in the cyber clouds instead.

4 Simple Steps to Your Digital Decluttering

Ok. So, yes there’s a lot of ones and zeros going on in our digital world, but you at the heart of it all can take some simple steps to defining your digital decluttering strategies.

Starting somewhere is a good guide, and using the four simple steps below can get you going in the direction to beginning to add digital declutter as part of your regular cleaning lists.

Here are four simple steps you can begin today.

  1. Recognize: the what of your digital declutter journey (e.g., apps, photos, social media, etc.).
  2. Prioritize: pick the one that is most pressing for you today.
  3. Get started: set a goal for getting it done — a little every day.
  4. Begin: move on to the next.

It’s a Wrap

Now you know that digital clutter is a thing and doing digital declutter is your thing now too.

Come by and Collaborate with Me. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Being an evergreen digital; is recognizing that there are things you can do to keep your digital realm tidy, and it starts with some simple things you can do today.

Take Action

Comment and reach out on social media about; the what, that you decided to begin with on your digital declutter.

Thank you for popping by and being supportive.

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Be Well. Take Care.

Whim It with These 10 Winter Wonder Salads and Soups

Did someone call for a chef?

Whew! So here we are in the winter of 2021. The holidays are finally finished.

We’ve cleaned up the holiday dishes, and are now looking to eat a little lighter. Because it’s winter though, most of us tend to eat more calorie enriched comfort food.

With that comes needing a little extra breathing room in our fave joggers during the winter season.

Calling All Foodies

Wherever you are winter wonders are everywhere, including the kitchen. So put your best apron on and get chefing.

Beautifully Presented. Photo by Anastasia Khvaleva on

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chef on call to deliver you the most appetizing, good for you, fresh food? Well, we can’t all be so lucky, but what we can do is work at being your best chef.

We can also give ourselves the gift of home cooking to hone in on our culinary quest.

Typically, as you might have heard, winter salads are not as popular on the menu this season. But by adding a few that are fun to make and tasty to eat might be a good idea this year.

How about these ultimate winter wonders; the dynamic duo, comforting soups and fresh salads?

This Season the Menu includes Salad and Soup

3 More Winter Salads

  1. Bacon Broccoli Salad

2. Happiness Winter Salad

Photo via

3. Winter Apple Salad

Photo via

4 Winter Soups

1. Hearty Beef Stew

2. Soothing Chicken Noodle Soup

3. Comforting Creamy Vegetable Soup

4. Mighty Minestrone Soup

It’s a Wrap

Here are some soups and salads to consider this winter. While it’s not always popular to add salads during the winter season, try these to add some lighter options to your menu this season.

Take Action

Mix and match your salad and soup combos. Try Some or all.

If you make them for yourself or others, comment how it went for you, and how they tasted, and which combos are your favorite. Or reach out on social media. Happy Chefing.

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Mix it Up With These 5 Miracle Bites

Glad you came by. Photo by Nicole Michalou on

It’s almost here, all those scrumptious holiday meals that you’re going to be eating soon. Some dishes we’ve waited all year long to have again. And most are not all that calorie-friendly. But oh, so tasty.

It’s the season for nostalgic sentiments of miracles, giving, and merry making, so check out some of these lighter culinary delights that you might find fun to make and yummy to eat; before, at, and/or after your regular holiday meals.

Miracle Bites

Photo by Nicole Michalou on

These miracle bites, both sweet and savory are sure to get the foodie in you churning.

Ok. Before some of you give these dishes a thumbs down at first glance: Hmm? Maybe, I can try these before I immediately think; these are too foo foo for my normal food picks. Not for me.

Gotcha ya. Try them if you’d like. If not, stick with what has always worked for you — you know you better than anybody. Miracle bites are not for everyone, but they are for anyone who is ready to mix it up a bit.


What foodie doesn’t like discovering some new recipes to add to their sweet palate? For most, anything chocolate is a holiday and year round yes.

This miracle fudge is the jollier version of most holiday fudge we find ourselves going back for seconds.

It’s a great decadent alternative gift you can whip up for you or any of your chocolate fans.

Chef John /

For the peanut butter foodies, this recipe is sure to delight your nutty senses.

Give it a try and see how it stacks up to your other peanut butter recipes that make it happen for you.

Photo by Pixabay on


While sweets are nice treats, savory also hits that culinary spot nicely too.

Photo by Pixabay on

This dish is festive and fun to make with your favorite person.

It’s light and fluffy, sure to be a great savory side dish to look outstanding on any occasion table.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

We’ve all heard that we need to get more greens in.

Well, this dish combines getting those greens in, along with some healthier protein, and fiber to keep you on point after those traditional holiday meals.

Photo by Pixabay on

We all would like a little more bread in our lives.

This particular bread is a bit simpler to make as there is no kneading involved.

Pair it with your favorite butter, cheese, or heck, use it to make a delicious holiday left-over sandwich that might become a new tradition for you.

Gotta love you a good sandwich.

The Wrap Up

Get $40 at Freshly. Photo

You might have been wondering, like I was, what are miracle bites anyway?

These are the meals that can give us the gift of healthier ingredients, some a bit more on the lighter side, than those heavy calorie/carb holiday meals we usually love to eat.

And hey, we typically only eat these certain foods a few times a year because they are so good. This season maybe at least we can experience a taste of a miracle in these five sweet and savory bites.

If you’re looking to give yourself or someone you care about, a miracle bites gift, Freshly might be a good start to more foodie finds.

~Happy Holidays ~

If you enjoyed hanging out for a bit, come back to my blog.

Fresh Content Often.

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