Innovation does a meet up at our academic libraries; thoughts?

 Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017


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It might be that we are now experiencing the innovation of the library as space more so than ever. No longer is the library simply a space for stacks of books — we’ve known this for a while now, however; what we might not have known is that the transition from a hushed space, could now become a more modernized innovative space by way of collaboration. This particular piece by a fellow LISer,  if you read on, pertains to academic libraries and those innovators that are interested in broadening the horizons of digital services provided in makerspaces. This change includes digitally aligning the space to accommodate modern conveniences for research users. What makerspace innovations would you like to see, if any at your library? Comments are always welcome. 

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Sorrells Library, Carnegie Mellon University Yesterday Carnegie Mellon University announced a new partnership with technology company Digital Science. CMU’s Keith Webster describes the mutual commitment to research discovery and smarter workflows that underpins this collaboration, and also outlines some of the ways in which academic libraries have changed; from their more dynamic use of space […]


Blog Article: Reimagining the #RoleOfTheLibrary in the #DigitalAge: changing the use of space and navigating the information landscape — bluesyemre


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