Is DL now the new IL?

March 31, 2017



Digital Literacy

Image courtesy of GI


You might be familiar with information literacy (IL) but what about digital literacy (DL)? LIS professionals understand, information comes in various formats today from physical/print to electronic/digital, and more recently virtually (more about virtual literacy (VL) as the trend develops). In the higher education (HE) realm, digital literacy needs a little extra TLC it seems.  As “cultivating digital literacy was reported to be one of the six notable challenges impeding the use of technology in higher education for this calendar year (Elemes, 2017) (XBrownClark, 2017).” The blended LIS professional of today has a new hat to wear, now adding digital literacy as an expansion of information literacy. If you are interested in this topic read more below. And as always — comments are welcome.


XBrownClark. (2017) Developing Digital Literacy: Supporting technology-enhanced learning in higher education


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