City Libraries keep ‘going-green’ alive and kicking.


City Girl pic via GI

In the hustle, bustle of the city, MC information professionals are doing their part to keep the concept of ‘going-green’ alive and kicking. Helping to make the city and its libraries safe, clean and livable to all, through large and small acts of camaraderie efforts.

Some of the key takeaways to ‘going-green’ can be to simply start somewhere, anywhere really, and then start small if you aren’t sure — pick up trash along your pathway; yes, even if it’s not yours (yuck!), how about biking to work/school? Or trying out your favorite concept of rak, the ongoing sweeping sensation (more on this in a later post). Think randomly here.

But for now, use one of the following as your starting point: Recycle, Reduce, Refine, Research, and Reuse. Together ‘going-green’ is always on point. Try it and comment on your favs.


B, Chelsea. MC. (2018).


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