City Libraries keep ‘going-green’ alive and kicking.


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In the hustle, bustle of the city, MC information professionals are doing their part to keep the concept of ‘going-green’ alive and kicking. Helping to make the city and its libraries safe, clean and livable to all, through large and small acts of camaraderie efforts.

Some of the key takeaways to ‘going-green’ can be to simply start somewhere, anywhere really, and then start small if you aren’t sure — pick up trash along your pathway; yes, even if it’s not yours (yuck!), how about biking to work/school? Or trying out your favorite concept of rak, the ongoing sweeping sensation (more on this in a later post). Think randomly here.

But for now, use one of the following as your starting point: Recycle, Reduce, Refine, Research, and Reuse. Together ‘going-green’ is always on point. Try it and comment on your favs.



Beach and Library – nuff said

Summer at the library beach

Hit the beach and grab a great summer read

Calling all gens to read: We’ll meet you where you are by bringing our mobile libraries to you. Making waves for the future, the beach is no exception. See you at the stacks. Splashing is not recommended but when stopping by a simple, “hello” is appreciated.

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The ‘Tree of Life’ welcomes all and roots for diversity and inclusiveness. How about you?

Tree of life and inclusion by Joe Shlabotnik

Picture courtesy of Creative Commons via Joe S.

HE is no stranger to diversity but how does it fair when it comes to inclusiveness? With so many Ups and Downs; it’s 2018, are we there yet? Please share your thoughts about what you’re hearing (if anything, you’d care to share) around the water cooler surrounding this conversation of the new/old concept known as “inclusive teaching.” Does this method mean, all or all of the same? Any appropriate, constructive, and respectful comments are welcome here. We do LISn to you here.

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The Age of Remote-First “Workplaces” – Ambition & Balance

February 2018

Wherever you are, your work can get done today. Employer LIS trends could include more engagement in online, digital library and information services, along with more expansion in e-learning/distance learning instruction in academia. Keeping that “human-feel,” the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), suggests increasing awareness of our emotional intelligence when it comes to Virtual Reference Services (VRS). 

Is the remote/virtual librarian coming around the 21st Century bend?

Ponder this, if you will;

Can we then be out of the library and still be effective at sustaining relevance and currency to our users wherever we are?

Or do we continue to stay in the library awaiting their arrival in-person or online?

How about a nice balance to both; being the human and the bot!?  Do share. 


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