Book Reviews

As you know books come in various formats from the once popular print book, to the ever more modern eBook. No matter how far you may roam, a book is a book is; a book, regardless of its presentation, it must still to be accessed or read by someone to remain relevant.

Today, literacy has and is continuing to evolve with the advent of smartphones, and it’s clear that the dynamics of Proper English has its moments today, but books can still have a place to make a difference if we continue to make them available and promote reading them.

So what’s on your virtual shelf or physical shelf that you have read or would like to read? Is it that special book that you are excitedly waiting to read, but haven’t yet, or one you’ve read repeatedly that never makes you need to hit the snooze button while reading. Go ahead and get your read on again. Let’s read together: below are some interesting reads rated by book reviewers that you might find helpful.

So which book will you choose?

Pics Source: Google Images

Send comments on books, reading & literacy if you feel compelled to share.



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