Happy New Year: What are you reading?



Image courtesy of Coffee Books & Rain Cafe.


Book reviews via Vlogging offer a start to your resolution

With the new year here, putting a reading list together can get a little easier with book review Vlogs. You might find it interesting to learn about books before you tackle your reading list; beyond simply reading a review online.

Vlogs are an active way to finding out more about, either the books you might be interested in, OR there’s a chance you just might learn about some books that you didn’t know you’d like to read, but now it seems possible especially since hearing from someone who read the book directly. If you find you like Vlogging, you never know, you might put together a Vlog of your own, and share the great books you believe that others could also like to read.

Below is a Vlog recommended by a fellow LISer. Some books you might like, some you might not, regardless, get your list going and do share if you’d like to.

Comment below on how you’re doing, or at least on the book you’ve decided to start with.

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