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Have you been wondering about the latest LIS trends?

You are not alone. Not only is the library infrastructure changing, but the role known as the Librarian is simultaneously changing as well. The days of the library being a standard place where the majority of the space is a labyrinth of shelves of books and hearing ‘Shh’ as the norm is changing. With this change, the Selfie Gens are not necessarily going for this type of library any longer.

They are looking for a place to collaborate, learn and stretch their knowledge in a safe, supportive setting. Some call it library,  learning commons, information center, or maker/media spaces, regardless it still needs to have visitors that find it relevant and useful to continue to exist.

Today, there is a seismic shift taking place as intergenerational perspectives on the library’s relevance is what’s happening now. Where it’s going, is definitely the wave to be watching out for. Check out these resources to learn more about what other LISers find is going on out there in our changing LIS landscape.


Finding A Job Has Its Challenges Today

The job finding days have changed from handing your resume to a potential employer to landing the job on the spot, to wondering if your keywords are going to align better than the other candidate’s in order to snag the job this time.

Here are some tips that might help in today’s digitally competitive job market. Good luck to all!


ALA. (2019). Libraries delivering Hope


Job searching tips 

ALAs “Manual for the Future of Librarianship”

Learn what some experts are forecasting for academic libraries and student affairs; trends of 2017-2019. 

Pun, R. (2018). FYE Predictions & Trends for 2018.


NMC Horizon Report: 2017 – Trends about how academic libraries shape up in higher education.

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American Libraries

Informed Librarian

LIS Portal (Jobs, etc.)

Project Muse

Scholars Lab


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